At HomeExchange, sustainability and reducing our carbon footprint are key considerations in all of our decisions as a B-Corp.

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Why a Goodies Shop?

As a certified B Corp company, committed to sustainable practices deeply ingrained in our company values and operations, we can't deny that the production of promotional items, or 'goodies,' is not inherently ecological. For this exact reason, we decided to reduce our Goodies policy over the past years. However, in response to the strong demand from our members who have expressed their desire for HomeExchange goodies, we've made a conscious decision to do things differently by also working towards minimizing the environmental impact of the products we produce and distribute.

The eShop Approach: Quality over Quantity

We believe in the 'eShop Approach' where only members who genuinely wish to acquire our promotional items have the opportunity to purchase them. Unlike the traditional approach of distributing cheap goodies, often produced without environmental consideration, to individuals, even when they may not need or want them, we've adopted a different strategy. We believe in quality over quantity.

On-Demand Shipping to avoid waste 

To further minimize our environmental impact, we've implemented an "On-Demand Shipping" approach. We've partnered with a vendor who offers on-demand shipping to ensure that no inventory goes to waste. When you place an order, the vendor nearest to your shipping location begins working on your goodie and ships it to you on-demand. This not only reduces the carbon emissions associated with transportation during the shipping process but also eliminates the need for an external warehouse.

Product conception: a balance between sustainability and accessibility

We choose products that are shipped within the US to limit international shipping emissions.

Furthermore, we did our best to select the most sustainable materials available, all the while ensuring that we can offer these high-quality goodies that will last, at an affordable and acceptable price

Selected products have met sustainability requirements, such as sustainable paper from FSC® and SFI® certified facilities, which are indicated in the product descriptions. Inks are water-based, bio-degradable and non-toxic.

We continue to look for more sustainable alternatives, ask for each product carbon footprint, may reduce our selection as necessary.

A partner engaged in an CSR strategy

Our vendor is committed to sustainability, with an in-house ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) Lead who is solely responsible for developing their sustainability strategy. They pledge to contribute by 2030 to the global objective of Carbon Neutrality as defined by the Paris Agreement, and each provider is required to have a SA8000 Certificate.

They also support, an organization dedicated to educating women about technology and helping them transition into tech industries. By supporting this initiative, we aim to empower and promote diversity in the tech sector.

A Return process aimed to reduce transport emissions

We value your satisfaction and have designed a return process that meets your needs while also being environmentally conscious. You have two options: we can either send you a new goodie or offer a refund.

Regardless, we ask that you hold onto any goods that didn't meet your satisfaction. By keeping the unwanted item rather than returning it to HomeExchange, you can help reduce the carbon emissions generated by the return shipping process. We recommend donating the goodie(s) to a local thrift store or donation site. 

While we are committed to ensuring your satisfaction, we kindly ask you to keep in mind that requesting a new product generates additional environmental impact. Please consider whether your default product issue is truly annoying before requesting a replacement.

Please read our full return policy for more details.

Last and not least, a commitment to improve

While we are proud of the launch of this eShop, we also recognize that there's always room for improvement. We remain committed to continually evaluating and refining our practices to lessen our impact on the environment. Our journey towards sustainability is ongoing, and we appreciate your feedback and suggestions as we strive to do better.

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding our goodies shop, please feel free to contact us at